the stray dogs club
the stray dogs club
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giving BACk

giving BACk

selling nfts to help stray animals everywhere

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Jackie Chan

How it started!

It was in Gran Canaria, Spain, and my neighbours dog, would often come to my doorstep seeking food and shelter.

One day, he had been hit by a car and required medical attention. Knowing the owner of the dog, i went to his door and told him about this terrible accident.

After hearing my story and seeing his dog covered in his own blood, he said leave it outside.

This experience was a turning point for me, and I decided to ask to adopt Jackie and give him a forever home. The man said yes and i took him to get help.

For the next 17.5 years, he was my loyal companion. Let me just add he helped me more than i helped him.

New friends!

Sadly my furry friend passed away of old age.

So we decided to Honor my late dog by “Giving Back” to other animals in need.

Losing a pet is never easy, and I miss my furry friend dearly.

In his memory, I want to make a positive impact by helping other animals in search of a forever home.

Recently, my family adopted two cats from an animal shelter, and they have brought so much joy into our lives.

If we can provide the same happy ending for less fortunate pets, it would be an amazing way to honor my beloved Jackie's memory.

Mick Flurry

Dottie Blue

About me.

I'm Christian Abbott, a 46-year-old family man hailing from the UK but now proudly calling the Netherlands my home since the age of 16. I'm not your typical Brit, though - I've got a real soft spot for animals, even if I'm allergic to most of them!

By day, I'm your average pharmaceutical professional, working in a fascinating industry, but my real passion lies in the exciting world of Web3. I'm captivated by the potential it holds to break free from the conventional grid and give us more control over our lives.

But here's the twist: I'm not just about bytes and blockchain. I've got a heart of gold and a vision for making the Stray Dogs Club more than just a dream. I'm on a mission to help those four-legged friends find their forever homes, and I'd love for you to join me on this incredible journey. Let's make a difference, one paw at a time! 🐾

How we intend to raise funds.

The website is dedicated to raising funds for the Stray Dogs Club through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) while supporting animal shelters and volunteers. The sale of each NFT supports animal shelters and volunteers who care for stray animals.

By leveraging NFT sales as the primary fundraising method we can reach a wider audience and engage art enthusiasts, animal lovers, and blockchain enthusiasts worldwide.

We believes that digital art and philanthropy can have a profound impact on the lives of stray animals.

We are transparent and accountable and will provide regular updates and reports on how the funds raised through NFT sales are being used to make a difference. The goal is to empower animal shelters, support tireless volunteers, and create a better future for stray animals.

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Pet products

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Mickey Marsden

I fully support this movement and can't wait to see where it goes.

tony bacon

The Stray Dogs Club is a place where we as animal lovers come together and try to help each other.

nick lernman

I have been a part of The Stray Dogs Club for 2 years now and i stand behind the movement.

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Jackies monthly product pick

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Any donations recieved will go to animal shelters

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